About Solo

about usInnovation blended with vestige of the past, Solo goes beyond the facets of cool. Solo heeds today’s generation’s pursuit of liberty, self-expression and individualism. A clientele of aficionados has raised Solo to cult status. Solo personifies their passion, discovery and aspirations.


When Solo opened in 2001, it sought to provide identity and personality more than look and style. Its appreciation for vintage and celebration of craftsmanship fuel the whim for its partisans’ need for edgy, eccentric and eclectic pieces.

Solo’s permanent quest for unique and exceptional merchandise pushes the brand to change the rules of retail apparel. With materials ranging from slubs, tissue knits, to stretch jerseys complimented by advanced technology in printing and treatment using international standard printing of sublimation, discharge, foil and metallic, Solo has justly distinct itself from its competitors.


Solo’s character is also recognized in its interior, the outstanding representation of vintage through brocade wall patterns, ceiling chandeliers, antique framed wall spaces and custom made wrought iron nesting tables. Its hip and funky music completes the perfect shopping ambiance.


The success of Solo is a combination of relentless pursuit fresh and unfamiliar designs, keen attention to detail and hallmarks of diversity. Its exceptional finishes are myriad of creativity and profound vision. With the people behind the label as passionate as its clientele, Solo has very well positioned itself at the frontier of fashion rejuvenation.