Interview with Solo Online Model Search 2013 Winners

Interview with Solo Online Model Search 2013 Winners

Solo’s Summer 2014 collection features this year’s Solo Online Model Contest Grand Winners, Renee Soraya Hassani and John Edward Custodio who stood out among almost a hundred hopeful ladies and gents! Renee, 22 recently finished Interior Design at Philippine School of Interior Design and now part of their family business as an interior designer, while John Edward, 21 is set to fulfill his dreams of being an actor by venturing to a strong stepping stone which is modelling. These two are epitome of a Solo lady and gent ready to take over the summer sun, sand and the world.


Interview Questions:

1. Tell us something about yourself.
John Edward: I’m John Edward Custodio, 21 years old, model, Metro Manila.
Renee Soraya: My name is Renee Soraya R. Hassani, 22. I just graduated from the Philippine School of Interior Design last November and I’m currently working as a designer, planner, consultant, contractor and supplier for our family business subsidiary that I am managing, Citi Interiors. I am based in metro manila.


2. Why do you want to work as a model? What led you to join this contest?
JE: I want to work as a model because it’s a good training ground to being in the showbiz industry. When I learned about the contest, I thought my personality fits the brand very well that is why I did not let this opportunity pass.
RS: First off, I’m a big fan of Manix Abrera, that’s one thing that led me to this contest. And I’ve always loved Solo. It felt like it was just so meant to be! I was walking in the mall with my mom when I saw one of the posters. “I’m 100% surely gonna join this and do my best!!” I said to myself. I’m challenged to prove to people that though I’m a rough and tough chick, I also have what it takes to do something totally unexpected of me. I want to work as a model and contribute among the wide varieties of beauty our world has come to define today.


3. What are your goals or what do you hope to accomplish as Solo’s ambassador?
JE: I want to improve myself in the craft I got myself into. I want to see the improvement first hand by facing the challenges ahead of me and picking myself up and applying what I learn along the way.
RS: Work hard, make my family proud, contribute myself to our society and give glory to our Creator. I solely wish I could inspire and encourage people to embrace & be happy with their true self and thus unleash their full potential and offering it back to society.


4. What personality traits do you think you have that should make you a good model?
JE: I’m punctual, streetwise, I am willing to learn, and optimistic.
RS: My positive outlook in life, humbleness, professionalism, discipline, flexibility, open-mindedness, versatility, prayerfulness and most of all, my unique quirky character.


5. What do you like about the brand SOLO?
JE: The brand is flexible providing different types of clothes for different types of setting, season and people.
RS: I love that its casual & street style yet stays chic and wearable by a wide category of women. I love that it totally fits my character. I can wear it everyday!


6. What do you think SOLO can bring you?
JE: Learning experience, new friends and good opportunities!
RS: Lessons, unique experiences, new friends, exposure, free clothes! *laughs*


7. How was your experience with the shoot? How is it like working with SOLO team?
JE: It was challenging yet inspiring! Doc Marlon was strict for all the right reasons and I appreciate him for that. I learned a lot from him, the stylists, the crew and from Renee. It was an eye-opener and I am thankful for the experience.
RS: It was fun! I learned a lot from Doc Marlon. He was very professional. He was strict but me and Edward really appreciated it because he was so sincere in giving us advice and tips about the industry. It was almost like a party working with the team! We didn’t notice how the time flew. The production was actually really nice. It was just so fun and colorful! The set design and the stylists were amazing! Absolutely a wonderful experience working with a bunch of creative geniuses! I learned so many things from them. Everyone in the crew was so talented and really fun to be with. I’ll never forget the experience.


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