Meet the Winners of SOLO Online Model Search 2010

Meet the Winners of SOLO Online Model Search 2010

“When my mom found out that I got to be the new face of Solo she cried and was so proud of me”, shared Mehran Khaledi, Solo’s newest face and winner of its Online Model Search. “I did not expect to win at all! I was already ecstatic when I was called for an interview as one of the finalist, for me, I was a winner already, “ gushes Phoebe Rutaquio, Solo’s female winner.


In January this year, Solo announced the finalists of its Online Model Search Year 2. From a hundred photo entries, Solo picked the best 9 male entries and 8 female entries as finalists. Two posters emerged as grand winners: The Best Male Photo Entry is “The Soloist” by Mehran Khaledi (model) and his photographer/graphic artist partner Louie Pariñas; and the Best Female Photo Entry is “Slice of Glam” by Phoebe Rutaquio (model) and her photographer partner Em Rejano. Mehran and Phoebe are now the new faces of Solo for 2011. The scores were based on both votes garnered through the Solo Online Model Search website and Solo’s own criteria for judging. All participants submitted entries in the theme of Larry Alcala’s Collection as part of Solo Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Series. All the entries can be viewed in the Online Model Search Gallery of the website.


Weeks after the revelation,  the finalists spent time pulling things together for their first ever campaign photoshoot with Solo. Mehran and Phoebe’s Summer Campaign Photos will be gracing the walls of all Solo stores nationwide this March.  The shoot highlights Solo’s Summer 2011 collection of Stripes, lots of stripes! Stripes are coming in dresses, basic tees, tanks, leggings, cardigans, shirts and skirts and come in different sizes and shades of stripes. There are many other splashing colors such as hot pink, turquoise, tangerine, violet, fuchsia, yellow-black and rainbow color to switch for different outfits and occasions perfect for a versatile hot summer.

“The photoshoot was definitely an unforgettable experience for both of us. We learned a lot”, said Mehran and Phoebe when asked to share to share their experience during the photoshoot. “It’s easy to spot why Mehran won the contest also. He’s a good model and easy and fun to work with. He’s sweet,” Phoebe added.


Mehran and Phoebe both have a good head above their shoulders and a lot more going on besides that. Mehran dreams of running his own business in the future and Phoebe wants to become an epic filmmaker someday. Learn more about the vibrant personalities of the newest ambassadors of Solo and the stories behind their photo entries in our fun interview with them.


Solo Online Model Search is the first virtual model search in the country and has successfully been gaining following since its inception in 2009.  Last year grand winners of the successful Discover You Model Search Contest were: Jaggy Tallada and his graphic artist Simon Agregado, and Jhoanna Flor and her graphic artist Alexis Fusilero.   Watch out for Solo’s Online Model Search this August, you may be the next face!


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Check out the full interview with Mehran and Phoebe here and learn very interesting insights into their lives and minds.