Solo His & Hers Graphic Tees for the Holidays

Solo His & Hers Graphic Tees for the Holidays

With all that has been happening around us, Pinoys always knew how to remain optimistic, creative, and accountable to one another; these are just few of the prominent messages that you can squeeze from the winning entries of Solo His & Hers Graphic Tee 2014!

Bagging the top 3 spots by showing their own take on Pinoy Print and Patterns are Josh Veluz with “Isa,” John Rhel David with “Kulay Pilipinas,” and Rodolfo Vera Cruz Jr with “Tribo Pintado.”

“Isa” is a definite His & Hers fixture. With its obvious couple thrust and tatak Pinoy concept, it sure is ready to take one of the top spots! Side by side with Isa is “Kulay Pilipinas” which also has the same must-have-for-couples vibe in a more quirky yet old-style Pinoy theme much like “Tribo Pintado’s” depiction of traditional pinoy tribal motif.

Be sure to catch these His & Hers conversation pieces that can pass as an ultimate throwback to the days of Pinoy solid tribes! Made in knits decked in Isa, Kulay Pilipinas, and Tribo Pintado sophisticated and attractive ethnic prints, these will surely jumpstart the Pinoy Holiday vibe this November!

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