SOLO Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia | Slice of Life by Larry Alcala

SOLO Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia | Slice of Life by Larry Alcala

Remember Slice of Life and Kalabog en Bosyo? Whether you’re a Pinoy comic fan or not, sure you loved the playful characters from these works. Relive the inner child in you as Solo brings Pinoy Memorabilia featuring Cartoonist Larry Alcala.


Larry Alcala is a well-known editorial cartoonist and illustrator.  In his over 50 years of cartooning, he has made over 500 characters, twenty comic strips, six movies, two murals and 15,000 published pages.  His most popular cartoon series was Slice of Life, which is a reflection of the many unique aspects of everyday life in the Philippines. Slice of Life received the Best in Humor award and was also cited for helping to keep alive the Filipino’s ability to laugh at himself, through the lively marriage of art and humor, and through commentaries that are at once critical and compassionate, evoking laughter and reflection.  Remember spending your Sundays looking for the concealed caricature of his face on Slice of Life? Now, you get to do this again!

For the first time, Solo, a brand who has built a strong following by offering hip vintage merchandise, is now bringing in Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia collection featuring Larry Alcala. This prolific cartoonist’s Slice of Life playful characters will be immortalized in a limited special edition consisting of graphic tees, polo shirts, woven tops and dresses and men’s long sleeves and accessories such as tote bag, clutch, notebook and mugs! This pop collection will surely got us all hooked!


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