The Cartoonist: Roni Santiago and his work “Baltic and Co.”

The Cartoonist: Roni Santiago and his work “Baltic and Co.”

Baltic and Company, the longest running Filipino comic strip is created by Roni Santiago in the 1970s. The series revolves around a hot headed boss and his funny employees. The hit comic series started and quickly became famous because of its day to day office scene humor that captures what really happens in real life.


Roni Santiago is a creative Filipino cartoonist popular for his widely known comic series Baltic & Co. A graduate of BS Architecture in Feati University, he loved to read comic strips by American and Filipino Cartoonists back in the day before he started to create his own. The works of Larry Alcala also inspired him and was a big influence to him and what he is today. When asked what his main goal was behind creating the comics, he said he created it with the sole purpose of entertaining readers of The Comic page of the Bulletin Today. Baltic and Co is still being serialized in Manila Bulletin right up to this day. Apart from creating comics, Roni Santiago also loves to draw caricatures of his friends and personalities.


Roni’s equally good comic sets include Planet Op Di Eyps, Noon at Ngayon and Mr. & Mrs.


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